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Dental veneers are a versatile cosmetic dentistry option that can transform your smile, as well as your confidence. At Arcadia Dentistry in Arcadia, California, serving the surrounding San Gabriel Valley in the Los Angeles area, Ali Jahani, DDS, designs outstanding dental veneers that are durable and beautiful. Online booking allows you to set up a visit today, or you’re always welcome to call and check appointment availability.

Veneers Q&A

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are sculpted, thin shells of porcelain that fit directly over your natural tooth tissue to transform the appearance of your smile. They are an incredibly popular cosmetic treatment due to the fact that they can correct numerous aesthetic issues with one treatment. 

When you notice the seemingly perfect smile of a celebrity or public figure, you’re often admiring a great set of veneers. Once the preferred cosmetic dentistry treatment of Hollywood and Washington, DC, veneers are now available to everyone, thanks to advancements in dental technology.

What types of aesthetic issues can dental veneers improve? 

If you have several things about your smile you’d like to change, dental veneers are a great option. Some of the aesthetic concerns that veneers can improve include:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Irregularities in the size of teeth
  • Abnormally shaped teeth
  • Discoloration that teeth whitening cannot correct
  • Gapped teeth
  • Minor alignment issues

Because veneers are so versatile, they offer a great return on your cosmetic dentistry investment.

What is the process for getting dental veneers?

Getting dental veneers involves several trips to Arcadia Dentistry, but the results are well worth the effort. During your consultation, your dentist performs a dental exam and gathers imaging to learn more about your teeth and gums. 

If you have active dental decay or gum disease, those issues may need to be treated prior to moving forward with dental veneers. You’ll learn more about the timing of your treatment during this first visit. 

On the next visit, an injection of numbing medication will eliminate sensation as your dentist removes a small portion of your natural tooth tissue to make room for the veneers before making a set of impressions to send to the fabrication lab. A temporary set of veneers are placed to protect your teeth until the permanent versions arrive. 

Once your veneers are ready, you’ll return to have them checked for fit and appearance before being cemented into place. You can expect to get up to 15 years of wear from your veneers with proper care. When they eventually need to be replaced, the process is much the same as getting the initial set. 

To explore dental veneers in more detail, call or click to set up a personalized visit at Arcadia Dentistry.