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If you’re searching for dental care that recognizes the connections between dental and overall health, holistic dentistry is a great option. This approach is embraced by Ali Jahani, DDS, of Arcadia Dentistry in Arcadia, California, serving the surrounding San Gabriel Valley in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about the benefits of holistic dentistry, call today to set up a visit, or schedule online with just a few clicks.

Holistic Dentist

What is a holistic dentist?

Holistic dentistry is a type of dental practice that recognizes and honors the interconnectivity of dental health and overall health. This model of practice seeks to perform care that not only enhances your dental health, but also creates and supports improvements in your overall health and wellness.

Practitioners who embrace a holistic dentistry method understand that dental health matters can both affect and be affected by aspects of your physical health, mental health, and emotional health. Even your social and community life can come into play. 

By getting to know you as a distinct individual and learning more about your lifestyle and routines, a holistic dentist can better shape your treatment to align with all aspects of your life. 

How is dental health and overall health connected? 

An expansive body of evidence supports the link between dental and overall health. A primary example involves gum disease. Your gums work to support your teeth and also to create a barrier between the environment within your mouth and your bloodstream. 

Your mouth is constantly filled with a mix of “helpful” and “harmful” bacteria. Advanced gum disease allows potentially harmful bacteria to enter your bloodstream, where it can travel throughout your system. 

There are clear links between poor oral health and a wide range of overall health problems. Systemic inflammation is one significant concern and can cause serious health issues. Bacterial pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, and even low birth weight are thought to be linked to advanced periodontal disease. 

On the other hand, certain medical conditions and their treatments are also linked to dental health problems. A holistic dentist shapes your dental care around these factors, supporting you in reaching and maintaining optimal dental health. 

Are treatments different in holistic dentistry?

Every practitioner who embraces holistic dentistry has a unique approach to this style of practice. Some incorporate alternative treatment methods, while others focus on the role that nutrition plays in dental health. 

At Arcadia Dentistry, you have access to the full scope of dental health care services. Some of the treatments performed through the practice include:

  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Fluoride
  • Root canal
  • Apicoectomy
  • Dental veneers
  • Periodontal treatments

State-of-the-art technology guides all diagnostic and treatment services. Laser dentistry, air abrasion, and advanced imaging are just some of the ways Arcadia Dentistry can meet and exceed your needs and expectations. Call today to schedule a visit, or spend a few moments on the online booking page.