Covid-19 Update

To all my family of patients,

I hope you are well and remain well during these stressful times.  To date, no staff member nor family member have tested positive for the coronavirus and I hope all of you have the same experience.  Currently, it is important to remain at a social distance of no closer than 6 feet and get adequate rest during this time.  Keep your immune system in tip top shape.  Those of you with weakened immune systems need to take extra precautions.  If you do fall ill, it may be from the common cold, flu or from some other pathogen other than the Covid-19 virus.  If you are ill, follow the guidelines of your medical doctor.  The consensus today is to stay home and self-isolate and not to overburden the hospital emergency rooms.  Hopefully, if your illness is from the Covid-19 virus, you will have a mild case and not have to come to a hospital.  Your medical doctor will make that decision with your input.

In our first communication, we informed you that our office was to close for two weeks per the information provided to us by the CDC, ADA, CDA and Governor Newsom.  We rescheduled our patients to new appointment times for two weeks out.  A lot has happened since that time as you are well-aware.  Currently, with the latest announcement that our schools will be closed until Tuesday, May 5th, we have decided to set that same date as our re-opening date. 

I am available for consultation by phone if need be.  Once we establish the need for emergency services that cannot wait until May 5th, I can arrange for emergency treatment either in my office or possibly a referral to an oral surgeon or endodontist for services to be rendered.

Stay well,

Dr. Jacobsen & Staff